Everything You Need To Start Using Facebook And Facebook Messenger For Business.

Why do businesses want MORE Messenger customers?
Real customer profiles Effortlessly know more about every single customer.
The conversation never stops A Messenger customer can receive messages anytime.
Messenger notifications Your customers receive instant familiar notifications.
Personal and secure Messenger is a personal and secure way to communicate.
New incredible channel Your customers are mobile and they are social, get in now!
Convert website visitors into Messenger customers
With Messenger the conversation never stops. Use widgets to capture more Messenger leads and benefit from real identities and facebook messaging even after they leave your site.
Website widgets
Lead gen pop-ups and widgets to capture new leads at the right time.
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Messenger chat
Embed a messenger chat widget to your website in less than 30 seconds.
Automate responses to your Messenger customers
Work together as a team and avoid collision of responses. Easily track conversions to find the optimal response experience.
Auto Replies
Info Forms
Auto Follow-ups
Feedback Forms

Canned Responses

Created canned responses for the things you say most often. Automate "hello", "thanks", job applications, and more.

Bot Templates

Go beyond text responses and setup bot template for replying, following up, additional information, or feedback.

Automated Triggers

Setup automated triggers based on time, keywords, returns, and actions. Trigger templates or responses from one place.
Manage every lead with a powerful dashboard
Star hot leads, setup reminders, and view real-time stats about your leads. Use our search filters to avoid slipping leads or un-answered customers.
Review real-time stats about your leads, summaries of activity, lead assignments and response time
Stars for hot leads
Keep everyone aware of your VIPs and app personalization to those who requires that extra attention
Setup reminders to remember to respond to specific customers
Search filters
Avoid slipping leads and un-answered customers
Easily work together as a team
Using Messenger as a business requires working as a team to add notes, assign customers, and even manage multiple pages. You can do all of that with Modern.
Conflict Detection
We'll show you if another team memeber is trying to reply at the same time as you.
Customer Assignment
Spread the work by assigning specific customers to specific team members.
Customer notes
Add notes to identify suggestions, questions, information, etc.
Manage Multiple Pages
Manage multiple Facebook pages and assign members to specific leads.
Real-time reporting that keeps your team on track
Modern surfaces the total number of leads, where they came from, response time to help you and your team do the best they can to convert more customers.
New Leads
New Messages
Slipping Leads
Average Response Time